About Us

Tecnica Sport is a company founded in Palermo in 1981 by Dr. Giovanni Fiore's passion for sports, with the goal of making it a reference point in the city for technical sporting goods.

Today Tecnica Sport is a well-established business in western Sicily, with three stores in Palermo, one in Trapani and an online store.

The company has specialized year after year in expanding its portfolio of brands and technical products related to all sports, paying great attention to the training and expertise of its sales staff in technical sports. Tecnica Sport today has at its disposal a large assortment of brands in technical running, tennis, swimming, hiking, and home fitness, with an eye always on skiing and the mountain world, which has always been at the heart of the company's founder. Over time, Tecnica Sport has also taken care of the assortment of the best sportswear brands, for sports lovers who want to be fashionable while wearing casual garments with an always sporty look.

Tecnica Sport caters not only to the end consumer but also to sports associations, gyms, institutions and schools, providing all kinds of sports equipment and materials.

Tecnica Sport is a company that firmly believes in sport and lives it at 360 degrees, creating events and supporting initiatives that help to bring adults and children closer to the practice of sports.Tecnica Sport is not a company that just sells products, but a reality that wants to be a healthy reference point for sport understood as a source of health and well-being for the body and mind.